Heading North For The Winter

So I finally did it! After¬†years of threatening every cloggy who came down to the Deep South that a day would come where I would come to The Netherlands, I’m currently sitting on a plane on my way to Amsterdam. I almost put it off for another month too. Though last week, having found a buyer for my car, I made the decision to book my flight for a weeks time. No backing out, I had a week to get my shit together.¬†The week prior I had endured eight days at Afrikaburn facing extreme heat, sand storms and rain. So emerging from the desert and suddenly deciding to move to Holland the following week was kind of a big deal for me. Maybe I left my common sense in the desert?

Working on so many different projects tested me in so many different ways. I had to adapt to situations way out of my comfort zone. Of course this is something every young professional says when starting out, but they’ve never worked with Dane Spear. I found myself learning about things you usually pay good money for; tricks of the trade, Online marketing, SEO, analytics, lead generation, the art of the deal and of course, web design and management. Although all of the above were very interesting and I feel I have a good understanding of it, I was very happy working in my design bubble and bouncing UX design ideas across the table whenever I could. I learnt a lot whilst working with Dane but web design was always the avenue I felt I wanted to go in depth with and really refine.

So here I am, a freelance web designer. With nothing but my trusty mac chasing down internet connections far and wide. In May I’m moving to the Netherlands to explore their pastures and fro there who knows. One thing is for certain, I will still be doing what I am doing and that is web design.

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