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My Story

A mostly self taught digital designer with a degree in brand communication. I’ve been creating digital content from a young age out of curiosity and now it’s a lifestyle.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some really cool brands from around the world and I create anything from websites, to the images, videos, illustrations and animations that go on them.

The websites and media I produce work across all platforms. So whether you need a website that functions on desktop and mobile, or a video to be viewed in a range of sizes – I can deliver.

Far far away, behind the mountain peaks, beyond the wildest seas, you’ll find me. A freelance thinker & creator. Name your challenge and let’s chat.

All the services you need, one contact.

Six years of WordPress experience
Web Design

When designing a website the end user experience is paramount. What are their wants, what are their needs and what information is most relevant? All websites are built using only the best Premium Themes and Plugins.

Pure visual passion

Conveying a brand’s tone of voice in video form is not only a fine art, it’s a challenge. Always trying to push myself in the motion picture game, all projects are welcome. I’d love to hear your ideas and bounce some of mine!

Capturing life's moments

A keen eye and a wild imagination. I always strive to get the so called shot; whether it be at the top of a frozen mountain or in the depths of the ocean… it may even be in your kitchen. I hope to present your world in a unique montage conveying your tone.

Translate the mood
Colour Grading

Let me bring life to your project. Whether it be basic correction or touch ups, to fixing the seemingly impossible. Want that high quality retro look or the clean and moody feel? I can add the final polish to your video.

Let's bring it all together
Video Editing

You have all the raw footage. I have the computing power to bring it all together. Using the most powerful consumer computing components lets creatively compile your story in digital format. 1080? 4k? 8k? raw? Lets do it.

What's your tone of voice?

But nothing the copy said could convince her and so it didn’t take long until a few insidious Copy Writers ambushed her, made her drunk.

Education & Experience

What people say

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