I have been working with Surfana for over 3 years now. Originally starting out as their web site designer for Surfana Festival in 2017, adding and managing their content leading up to the festival date.

In 2018 they approached me again, this time to manage all 14 of their websites, build and manage their festival website, take photos and video of their events and of just general life over the summer surf season, and to manage their social media. This was one of the biggest jobs I had ever taken on and in a way shaped and molded me moving forward in my freelance career.

The following year I was back again, this time with a rather slimmed down set of tasks and more of a focus on content creation. In 2019 I lived on their surf camp in Bloemendaal to ensure I was always at the center of the action, ready to capture the best moments of the season. Again I helped out with the festival, churning out content for social media pushing for a sell out – which we achieved for the first time in 7 years!

Surfana has been the center for most of my work over the past 3 years and i hope for many more years to come.


2017, 2018, 2019



What I Did

Web Design & Management
Social media


General Promotional Clips

Ranging from 2017 – 2018

Surfana Zandvoort 1:00

Promotional video for the Surfana Zandvoort surf school.

Surfana Crew Week 4:02

Each year the Surfana crew head over to Oyambre, Spain to chase the last rays of sun, surf some epic swell and say farewell after and another epic Summer.

Surfana Bloemendaal 3:44

Some highlights of Surfana Bloemendaal over the years.

Surfana Bloemendaal Camp Tour 3:38

Take a comical tour around Surfana Bloemendaal

Dawnie Missions Vol.1 2:00

A fun series of videos to get people pumped to wake up early and surf at dawn.

Dawnie Missions Vol.2 1:00

The surf isn’t always the best in the Netherlands but still great to get up bright and early.

Dawnie Missions Crew Week 1:00

This is what we at Surfana live for.

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