Enter the world of The CCC.

Founded in the Spring of 2020, deep in the midst of a pandemic, The Cape Creative Collective has come to be. I’ve been there since the beginning helping and guiding where I can using knowledge gained from all my years as a freelancer and especially from my involvement in Surfana.

We’re a small team covering a lot of roles at the moment with the hope to grow and become more established.

The Cape Creative Collective was made with the intent to provide a platform for creators; to bring power back to the creatives, and encourage a community that evokes change and appreciation for art, for ourselves, and for the world.

Live viscerally, create eternally. Together we are the ocean.



A collection of promotional and about videos I have created for The Cape Creative Collective.

Into The CCC 1:31

Dive into what The CCC is all about.

Jam 2020 1:30

The first official event of The Cape Creative Collective.

Web Design


The start of The Cape Creative Collective’s online presence.

Create. Communicate. Change.

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