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What I Offer

The world of film making is constantly evolving and what would have once taken a full production team to produce can now be taken on by a single skilled camera man and a good amount of gear that fits in a backpack.

I’ve spent the last 5 years developing the ability to do just this. Let me take your project from planning and production to filming and getting the the shot, ending with a well polished clip for posting across any platform you desire.

I specialise in promotional and story driven video clips that aim to engage, promote, educate and entertain whilst maintaining the highest possible quality.


Let’s tell your brand story or announce what you have to offer the world. With video content consumption at an all time high, it’s needless to say that video is the best way to get your message out to the world.

A brand video is always great to have and can stay relevant for a while, although it does lose traction very rapidly unless promoted. What a lot of brands often overlook is the amount of content they need for their social media platforms. Good consistent content, and in bulk!

Depending on what you’re looking to have produced, I always ensure that you get it in every format you should require. Very often a little video can go along way. You see a 1 minute clip, I see four 15 second Instagram ads that can run everyday for a month.


What’s an edit without drone footage in this day and age? For every freelance filmmaker it’s generally expected that there will be smooth cinematic drone footage, setting the scene for what’s about to transgress.

I have 4 different types of drones, all with a particular purpose. Your standard cinematic quality DJI, a more nimble cinematic FPV racing drone for those low flying high speed shots, a high performance FPV racing drone for chasing action sports and lastly an indoor drone for giving a rather unique tour of tight areas.

It’s a hobby that I happily welcome into my work life.


Music videos present an opportunity to flex my creative muscles. It’s an opportunity to blend striking visuals with and good music. The best part is finding a story that’s true to the music and getting them to work together in harmony.


Let me capture the magic and romance of your wedding day, edited and polished off with a beautiful, professionally produced cinematic finish.


Show off your property or location through motion picture. Take the viewer or your potential guests on a guided tour. Photos can only display so much, video gives the viewer an idea of scale and a far better sense of space and environment.


Don’t let your event fade into memory. Let me capture the most epic moments and all the effort that went into putting it together.
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